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May-June 1998


Friendship - Communication - Participation


Dear Friends,

Since the last mailing of the Bow-Wow Report we have located and had contact with Lt. John R. Van Clief (fifth and Last Commanding Officer of the 47th IPSD), Alfred R. Arrellano (a replacement handler to the original group of the 47th IPSD) and James H. Adams (served 6/69 to 1/70) who later transferred to a helicopter crew as a door gunner.

From these new contacts we have received a good picture of Clinton Epps with his dog Fritz which is now posted on our Web Site. We have learned that Epps served in the unit with his cousin whose name was Clayborne. It was also learned that a Bill Butkus (related to Pro Football great Dick Butkus) also served with the 47th IPSD in late 69 to early 70.

New VDHA members from the 47th IPSD are SFC Linn Sprowl Ret,. Steve Lemish and Sandy Burnstein. Michael Carr has joined from the 59th IPSD. Sprowl and Lemish's names have not showed up in the Dog Man yet but they are new members. Congratulations to each of you.

Edward Hicks (Gunner) who was a member of the Original 47th IPSD was assigned to support the 557 CTT. Gunner provided a nice spread of pictures with captions which were published in the June edition of Dog Man. Gunner's comments under each picture added a great deal to the display and were much appreciated.


We have been looking for a way to capture the actual three year history of the platoon's Vietnam service in a way that every member could participate and contribute to the effort. We have decided that a Platoon Diary in Date/Event order posted on our Web Site would be the ideal solution. Jonathan Wahl and I have started the Diary but it is far from complete. I view it as an on-going effort which will continue to grow and change as new members join and contribute information.

Undoubtedly there are errors and omissions that will need to be corrected so we encourage each of you to access our Web Site review our progress thus far and provide your comments. To add information to the Diary, please E-Mail your comments to Jonathan Wahl or Bert Hubble Your contributions will be much appreciated and will add significantly to recording the platoon history. We expect the Diary to be a unique and interesting approach to gathering information and promoting maximum participation. Check it out.


We want to expand our Web Site to include a Memorial Page for those Platoon Members who were killed in Vietnam. Anyone having a good picture of Pearce, Detrick, Newell, Diaz or Selix are encouraged to forward it to Jonathan Wahl so that he can scan it into his computer for the Memorial Page. We also want to have a special page as a Tribute To The Dogs. We need at least one good picture of each dog. It could be you with your dog. Send your pictures to Jonathan Wahl. Second and third year members are encouraged to send in pictures also as we do not have many pictures of members after the first group returned to the states. Each picture or piece of information adds significantly to completing the unit history. All pictures will be returned to the owners after scanning.

November 5-8 1998
Reservations: 800-869-0674 (Talk To Joan Elder)

Make your reservations now if you are planning to attend the reunion (rooms are limited).

The Reunion is expected to be well attended by many members from the 47th IPSD. We anticipate a good showing from all three years. We will follow the VDHA program of events (see attached) but will plan to meet at the Elephant & Castle Restaurant and Pub (at the Hotel Main Entrance) at 6:00 PM Thursday November 5th for food, drink and conversation. Those wanting to go on the organized VDHA tours of MCRD, Pendelton and the Marine Museum on Friday should try to arrange for a ride Thursday evening if needed. If you are planning to have a car on site, let me know so I can keep track of who may be able to help with transportation. Other options for sight seeing include Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Trolley Tours, and the Harbor Cruise all of which can be arranged at the hotel or directly across the street from the hotel.

Our headquarters during the reunion will be the Wicker Room which is adjacent to the pool and the VDHA Hospitality Room. Bring your pictures, wives or girl friends and expect to have a good time.

Take care of yourselves.


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
1998 Bertram M. Hubble