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December 2001


Friendship - Communication - Understanding

Distributed Quarterly: March - June - September - December
To Former Platoon Members of the 47th & 59th Infantry Platoons (Scout Dog)

47th Scout Dog Platoon
59th Scout Dog Platoon
VDHA Unit Director: Bertram Hubble, Bertram Hubble,
Webmaster: Jonathan Wahl, Dean P. Harrison,
Historian: Bertram Hubble, William Whitehouse, w.w.whitehouse@worldnet.att.n
Membership Director: Bertram Hubble, Bertram Hubble,

Special Reunion Planning Issue

Fellow Platoon Members:

47th/59th Columbus/Fort Benning Reunion May 10th-12th 2002:

It may seem like a long way off, but the Columbus/Fort Benning Reunion is going to be upon us before we know it. Now is the time to make your plans to attend and to make a firm commitment to join us. We are planning a very special event - one you will not want to miss. The Reunion is open to all platoon members and their invited guests. We expect to have several guests from the 42nd Scout Dog Platoon and others joining us. This is not a VDHA function and you do not have to be a VDHA member to attend. To date, 69 people have let us know they'll be there. Check out the current list of attendees on the 47th web site at

We have attached the Reunion Agenda for your review. You can see that we have a well thought out itinerary that will be of great interest to you, I am sure. You will definitely not want to miss this event. Call for your reservations and start making your travel arrangements as follows:

Group Name: Scout Dog Reunion
Dates: May 10th - 12th 2002
Place: Historic Columbus Hilton, Columbus GA
Reservation: Toll Free 800-524-4020, or 706-324-1800
Room Rate: $82.00 per night ($87.00 including Tax)
Dinner Banquet: $24.00 per person, Paid in advance*
Buss Transportation: $12.00 per person, Paid in advance*
Bag Lunch: $5.00 Estimate, Paid in advance*
* To allow us proper time for planning and arrangements we will need $41.00 for each person prepaid no later than February 1, 2002. Since we do not have access to outside or organizational funding this event entirely depends on each of us committing now so that we can commit to the hotel, caterer, and bus company. Make payments payable to Bertram Hubble addressed 143 S. San Jose Drive, Glendora, CA 91741, reachable by telephone at 626-335-0428 (H) or 310-335-9499 (W)

Additional Reunion Information

We Need Help - Contact Us Now

There's more to be done than Jonathan and I can do alone. Help make this event a success for everyone. We need help with:

Fort Benning War Dog Memorial: Scout Dog Pedestals

I want to thank each of you who responded to our appeal for a donation to the War Dog Memorial Fund. In alphabetical order by last name you are as follows:

Herman Allen, Alfred Arellano, Frank Bagatta, Peter Burghart, Bruce Carroll, John Carter, Ronald Cooper, Harley Dennis, William Ellis, Steve Flikke, Andrew Fussner, Jack Gagnard, Toni Gardner, Donald Graham, Brian Harvick, Craig Haverfield, Howard Hayes, Edward Gunner Hicks, Bernard Hrouda, Bertram Hubble, Daryl Hubble, Kenneth Hudson, Donald Jestes, Otis Johnson, Ernest Jonson, Werner Kashkarov, Curtis, Knapp, Nino Krajacic, John Langley, Stephen D. Lemish, Richard Leonard, Allen Mathews, Joe McMahon, Robert Menist, Paul Michael Miller, Patricia Otto, Larry Proper, Delvin Randolf, Edward Reeves, Robert Rhea, Jose Rodriquez, William Sawyer, Robert Schimmenti, David Snyder, Linn Sprowl, Frank Steinhebel, Charles Frank Stevens, Stanley Stockdale, Jonathan Wahl, Joe White, Robert Wilson, Eugene Wright, Michael Wyatt, and James Youtz.

Your combined contributions totaled a huge $1,585.00 for the addition of Pedestals to the War Dog Memorial at Fort Benning. Our effort was very significant and one of the best. Our fund drive is still on. To complete these magnificent pedestals more funds are needed. If you have not gotten around to sending in a contribution, please do so as soon as possible, if you can. If you have sent in a contribution and would like to increase it a bit, that would be terrific. The Black Granite pedestals with the Bronze Plaques are being set in place as enough funds have been raised to pay for one. Several will go up in the next 6 months but funds are short for some so any additional help you may be able to offer will be greatly appreciated.

(SFC, Retired) Jesse Mendez is working very hard on this project at much personal time and expense to ensure that all Military Working Dogs/Units receive a fitting Memorial for their sacrifice and service. I think we owe it to Jesse and our fallen comrades to support this unique Memorial Site. During our Reunion we are privileged to have the honor of unveiling four new Scout Dog Pedestals. This includes a special pedestal in memory of Bob Hartsock who is the only dog handler awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (for his heroic actions on February 23, 1969 with the 44th IPSD).

To side step some of the bureaucracy please make all future payments payable to the "Columbus Monument Company" and send them to me at 143 So. San Jose Drive, Glendora CA 91741. I will record your payment and forward it directly to Jesse so the funds will be put to use right away.

In Memory:

I an saddened to report the passing of Ronnie McCrary on August 19th 2001 from a heart attack at his home. Ronnie served an extended tour with the 47th Scout Dog Platoon (1/29/69 - 8/24/70). Ronnie's Dog was Sarge X052. Ronnie lived in Huntsville, Alabama and is survived by his wife, daughter, and son in-law

Bert's Commentary:

The horrific images of September 11th will be with us the rest of our lives. The sight of those planes penetrating the two World Trade Towers and those poor souls falling or jumping from those buildings are truly unforgettable.

I have to agree with Bill Wigginton Jr. who signed our 47th web site Guest Book on September 5th and commented: "the more I see of people, the better I like my dog".

I look forward to seeing all of you in Columbus. Please act today to make your reservations and send me your bus and dinner payment to ensure that our Reunion is one we will all cherish. Your help is needed and those of you who can spare some time to assist please let me know - it is much appreciated.

Take care of yourselves,


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
2001 Bertram M. Hubble

47th & 59th Scout Dog Platoon - Reunion
Columbus, GA May 10th, 11th, & 12th 2002

LOCATION:		Historic Columbus Hilton 
			800 Front Avenue. 
			Columbus,  GA
			Telephone:  706-324-1800  or 800-524-4020 (Reservations)

Friday May 10th:	Travel Day (Arrival & Check-In)
			(Complimentary Airport Shuttle  from Airport to  the Hilton Hotel)

			Meet in Savannah Room  (our Hospitality Room)
			Register at  the Welcome Table, Receive Name Tag & Dinner 
			Tickets for Saturday nite
			Find your old buddies & renew friendships
			Share pictures, Videos, etc
			6:00 pm  Dinner at your own discretion. Pemertons Restaurant on site or 
			 walk to Broadway for other dining alternatives

Saturday May 11th:	Breakfast on your own. Free Continental Breakfast Available

			10:00 am Sharp  Board Busses for Fort Benning.  Bag Lunch available at 
 			boarding or bring your own. Estimated Cost for Lunch $5.00 per person. 

			10:30 am Self Guided tour of the National Infantry Museum and 
			nearby War Dog Memorial in Sacrifice Field.
			12:30 pm Bag Lunch

			1:00 pm  Memorial Dedication Ceremony at the War Dog Memorial.
			We may be the first Individual Units to dedicate the Memorial with
			the newly installed pedestals in black granite. This will include the 
			special pedestal in honor of  Bob Hartsock  of  the 44th IPSD, the 
			only dog handler to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

			2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Bus Sight Seeing tour around parts of Fort 
			Benning to see some of the areas we once lived and trained.
			3:30 pm - 4:00 pm  Arrive back at  the Columbus Hilton

			5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Scout Dog discussion Roundtables (47th and 59th)

			7:00 pm  Buffet Dinner Banquet consisting of Southern Fried 
			Chicken and Sliced Roast Beef, Au Jus, Pasta with 3 Cheeses, Maple 
			Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Squash Casserole, served with Fresh Baked 
			Cornbread and Biscuits, Banana Pudding, Peach Cobbler and Bread 
			Pudding.  Beverages: Coffee, Decaf and Iced Tea.  Price $23.95 
			payable in advance. With Welcome remarks, Benediction & 
			speakers, music etc.
Sunday May 12:		Breakfast on your own

			12:00  Noon:  Say Good-bye's, Checkout and Departure