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September 2002


Friendship - Communication - Understanding

Distributed Quarterly: March - June - September - December
To Former Platoon Members of the 47th & 59th Infantry Platoons (Scout Dog)


47th Scout Dog Platoon
59th Scout Dog Platoon
VDHA Unit Director: Bertram Hubble, Bertram Hubble,
Webmaster: Jonathan Wahl, Dean P. Harrison,
Historian: Bertram Hubble, William Whitehouse, w.w.whitehouse@worldnet.att.n

Fellow Platoon Members:

I hope you have all been well and having good fortune.

In mid July my computer went down and I was off-line for about six weeks. I ended up purchasing a new computer but I have been slow getting caught up on things and re-creating my e-mail address book. When I did get back on-line my e-mail directory was so clogged with data that I could not open it and my ISP just deleted it all. If you sent me an e-mail message and you did not get a response from me then you probably got deleted. Sorry for that but just one of those things. I have fallen behind on my two main goals of getting my records up to date and better organized and trying to locate some of our lost platoon members. I will keep at it as time permits.

Bow-Wow Report:

Starting with the December Bow-Wow, I am going to try something new. Once the report is prepared and posted on our web site, I will send out an e-mail to each person for whom we have an e-mail address letting them know that the report has been posted. That way they can log in and read the report on-line and print it off as desired.

Individuals who do not have on-line access will continue to receive a hard copy as usual subject to making contact and verifying that they still want to be kept on the mailing list and that we do have a correct address. In quite a number of cases, I have never had any direct contact but the mail does not come back so I know it is getting to someone. I am going to try to establish contact with each platoon member, verify their address, telephone number and e-mail address, if any, and determine if they want to stay on the mailing list. If you have an e-mail address and you have not shared it with us, please send it to me so we can update our records and put you on the e-mail distribution list.

My goal is to create some cost savings and a good deal of time savings. I hope that this will work for you and not be too inconvenient. I will be sending out post cards to persons whom I have not been able to contact or to verify information and their desire to continue on the mailing list. The more we can get on the e-mail distribution list the more time we will have for other things.

Fort Benning War Dog Memorial Pedestals:

I want to thank Doug McCoy for his generous contribution to the War Dog Memorial Pedestal Fund, which increases the amount we have raised so far to $3,435.00. Dixie Whitman is continuing her outstanding effort to raise funds for the Pedestals by selling those spectacular T-Shirts that she made for the reunion. See the 47th Web Site at for ordering information. For $20.00 plus $2.00 shipping you get a terrific shirt made from the very best material and 100% of the proceeds goes to the Pedestal Fund.

Of course, your remittance payable to the Columbus Monument Company in any amount can be sent addressed to Bertram Hubble, 143 S. San Jose Drive Glendora, California 91741. I will record your donation and send it to Jesse Mendez who will put it to work promptly.

As a side note, Jesse Mendez has informs us that the Moving Wall will be at Fort Benning on October 10th 13th. I understand that the post will be open and the wall will be available for viewing around the clock.

Columbus Fort Benning Reunion Video:

Jonathan Wahl has been away for the summer in Vermont hiking and exploring the mountains and countryside. His wife Leigh has been making a good recovery from a serious illness that attacked her just before the reunion. She is on the mend and they expect to be home by the end of October. In the meantime, with the help of many of you, we have collected video footage and pictures from the Columbus Fort Benning Reunion. Jonathan feels that we have enough material to put together a video as a remembrance of the event. We expect that the tape will be coming out later this year or early next year depending on time factors. Expect the price to be about $15.00 per tape, which will cover his costs and postage. This is not a profit making endeavor and it is only fair that he should not go in the hole over it so I suggested that $15.00 would be fair.


Herman (Rusty) Allen has been working on a surprise for each platoon member of the 47th Scout Dog Platoon. He plans to have it compete and ready to mail in the near future. I cannot say more than that at the present time but from what I have seen so far it will be pretty nice.

In Memorium:

I am saddened to have to report that Neil Worsham of the 59th Scout Dog Platoon passed away on April 14th 2002 from cancer. I understand that he is buried in the VFW Cemetery in Dallas Texas. Neil served with the unit from January through December 1971. Neil's brother Andy also served with the 59th Scout Dog Platoon and resides in El Paso Texas. Our condolences go out to the families for their loss.

Neil Worsham and Fritz

Bert's Commentary:

As the Administration's mid-term elections approach, it is time for the Hubble Report on how the Administration has done so far. This is the report card that tells it as we see it. We do not hold back. Here it goes.

Environmental Issues:
National Monetary Policy:
Tax Policy:
Projected Massive Budget Deficits:
Consumer Issues:
Civil Liberties:
Due Process of Law Issues:
Workers Issues:
Arms Control:
Spread of Nuclear Weapons:
Support For Education:
Post 9-11 Foreign Policy:
U.S. Policy In Columbia:
U.S. Policy In Argentina and the rest of South America:
Support for a flawed & discriminatory Capital Punishment Policy:
Corporate Crime Issues:
Support for the IMF and World Bank:
Fast Track:
Everything else I forgot to mention:

Surprise Results:


Yes, despite what the media continues to tell us, that the President is overwhelmingly popular with the American public, I have come to a different conclusion.

This is not a time to waive the flag and follow the leader. To question nothing and blindly follow the leader is false patriotism. It is a time to be informed in our opinions, analytical in our judgments and fair in our actions. Do not be fooled by the warmongers and corporate thugs that have taken over the government.

Always remember that a society that is willing to trade a little freedom for a little order deserves neither and will lose both.

Take care of yourselves,


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
2002 Bertram M. Hubble