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June 2003


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To Former Platoon Members of the 47th & 59th Infantry Platoons (Scout Dog)


  47th Scout Dog Platoon
59th Scout Dog Platoon

Fellow Platoon Members:

Hope you are all well and looking forward to some fun this summer and an exciting college football season in the Fall. As season ticket holders to the Southern California Trojans, the Hubble's get a little crazy as that time of year approaches. Thus, I hope you will excuse any irrational or out of character behavior or comments I might display. I am, however, concerned about our opening game with Auburn. I expect a very difficult game against a team that has a tremendous running game, an experienced quarterback, and depth in both lines. SC will be reloading on offense so we are not sure we can handle them so early in the season. Should be a good contest so try to watch this one if you can. Mark your calendars for August 30th.

2004 Reunion

As you know, the next Reunion is scheduled for May 2004 in Beaumont TX. Rusty is the Chairman for the event and Jonathan and I will be lending a hand. We are planning a very nice get together for all platoon members of the 47th IPSD and 59th IPSD and their guests. We are expecting some fellows from the 42nd IPSD to join us also as they did in Columbus. This event will be less structured than Columbus was with more time to visit with friends and see some sights. Three nights and four days with high quality accommodations at a very reasonable price should be a formula for a successful event. There will be Trolley Service to Old Town and many eating choices are available nearby. The main planned function will be a pre-paid dinner banquet. Details as follows:

Group Name: Scout Dog Reunion
Dates: May 6th – May 9th 2004
Place: Holiday Inn Beaumont Midtown I-10
Reservations: 409-892-2222
Room Rate: $71.30 includes Room Tax & Free Continental Breakfast
Dinner Banquet:Saturday Evening May 8th 2004, 7:00 PM
$25.20 per person paid in advance*
Airport Transportation: Free Shuttle

The banquet dinner will be a buffet affair which will include southern fried chicken, marinated london broil and cat fish fillet, fresh fruit salad and crisp garden salad, green beans, and almondine zucchini/yellow squash medley, rice or pasta, au gratin potatoes, black forest cake and cheesecake with fruit topping, coffee, decaf and iced tea. Vegetarian plates are available upon request so let us know if you prefer that option. It will assist us a great deal if you would call in your reservations well in advance as we need to take at least 30 rooms to obtain a free hospitality suite.

* Your pre-paid Dinner Banquet Costs should be sent to Bertram Hubble 143 S. San Jose Drive Glendora CA 91741. I am reachable at Tel 626-335-0420 or Tel 310-335-9499. Rusty may be reached at Tel 409-787-4225.


Jonathan's web site has won three awards. The 47th Scout Dog Platoon web site has been awarded the “Website Excellence Award” by the Casper Platoon. Their comments: "An excellent website. It is easy to navigate in, interesting and extremely supportive to our military and veteran groups. Your dedication to preserve the memory and honor the 47th Scout Dog Platoon and the 101st Airborne Division is to be commended." Jonathan's site has also received the "Patriot Award" issued by for "outstanding military and patriotic content" and Military World's "Certified Site" award. To view the new awards, go to the awards page on our web site.

Jonathan and Leigh are on their annual summer migration to Vermont. By the time you receive this report they will be there and settled in. Jonathan may be reached by mail at 4604 Battleground Rd #3 Waitsfield, VT 05673. Copies of the 2002 Dedication video are still available for $15.00 by contacting Jonathan.

As summer approaches, 47th supporter Tom Mosch is scheduling to participate in Living Military Displays at the FDR Home and other places in Dutchess County New York. Tommy will be appearing at an event at the old Air Force base in Newburgh NY where he will be speaking about the K-9 use in Vietnam. If you live in the New York area and would like to keep up on where he will be appearing next, Tommy may be reached at

Jarvis Ellis of the 59th IPSD attended the Unit Pedestal Ceremony on May 10th at Ft Benning GA where six more pedestals were dedicated at the War Dog Memorial at Sacrifice Field. Jarvis reported back that it was a enjoyable and memorable event. Jarvis's comments with links to some pictures of the dedication are available for viewing on our web site. Thank you Jarvis for attending for all of us who could not make it and reporting back to us. We appreciate it.

  Vietnam Magazine With permission from PRIMEDIA Enthusiast Publications, the June 2003 Vietnam Magazine article on the 47th's Michael Yalango and his dog Sarge X052's first mission has been reproduced and published on our web site at

Follow-up: For those of you who attended the Dedication Ceremony during our reunion a year ago will remember the slight disruption that occurred when Harry Wilson of the 25th IPSD broke ranks and took the mike to protest his personal situation where he was not awarded a Purple Heart he earned while supporting the 1st Calvary Division. Jesse Mendez got involved and put Harry into contact with his old commander and some other people who are trying to get his issue resolved. It appears that in the chaos of the moment, he simply got lost in the shuffle.

Bert's Commentary

We were told that we had conclusive proof that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. This was the primary reason given why we had to attack Iraq, without delay, without further inspections. Many of us did not believe what we were being told. Now we know that it was a Lie.

A conspiracy at the highest levels of government. Why is it important? Many, many innocent Iraqi citizens died. Many Americans died. A nation was led to believe something that was not true and our congress was told we had to attack a country that had no Air Force and no Navy, and no weapons delivery systems, and no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was a sitting duck.

An international crime of the highest order was committed. The media went along with it, without question. Dissenters were characterized as unpatriotic and disloyal. Our treasury has been raided. They have stolen our money and used it for illegal purposes.

They can not hide, we know who they are. We must remember. We can not forget. We must hold them responsible for what they have done.


Take care of yourselves,


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
© 2003 Bertram M. Hubble