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March 2003


Friendship - Communication - Understanding

Distributed Quarterly: March - June - September - December
To Former Platoon Members of the 47th & 59th Infantry Platoons (Scout Dog)


47th Scout Dog Platoon
59th Scout Dog Platoon

Fellow Platoon Members:

Sorry this report is late. I got lost for a while but with the help of many of you I found my way back. Everything is OK again, that is if Southern California can win a National Football Championship real soon.

Question: Who was Joe R. Hooper? We will get back to Joe later in this report But first let's review what is happening with the platoon.

Platoon Pins:

47th IPSD pin  
The special pins that Rusty Allen had made for the 47th and 59th Scout Dog Platoons have been mailed. If somehow you got missed, let us know and we shall get one out to you. Thank you Rusty for this heartfelt gesture of friendship.

War Dog Quilt

Mary Heins has finished the War Dog Quilt using the 47th dogs' names in the squares. Jonathan Wahl , who is the current custodian, has received the quilt. We hope to have it up on the Web Site before long. Mary, thank you for the wonderful gift and devotion to our K9 friends.

Members on the Mend

Bill Sawyer,, Tel 207-993-2627 is continuing to recover from his emergency appendectomy and Dan Tupper,, Tel: 330-772-4391 is reported to be recovering from a stroke. I know they would enjoy hearing from you.

Vietnam Magazine Article

The June 2003 issue of Vietnam Magazine (beginning on page 12) has a good article about our own Michael Yalango on his first mission with Sarge X052. Michael White wrote the article and the 47th Scout Dog Platoon is prominently mentioned. I know that you will enjoy the article. Michael Yalango returned safely and Sarge later died of heatstroke in May 1970 after Michael returned to the States.

War Dog Pedestals

On May 10th at 1:00 p.m. Fort Benning GA six more pedestals will be dedicated at the War Dog Memorial in Sacrifice Field. If some of you who live in the area could attend and report back that would be great. For hotel reservations you may call Kim Rowe or Paul Ball 706-324-7121.


Jonathan's Web Site has won another award. That's right, the 47th Scout Dog Platoon Web Site has been awarded the Site of the Week Award for the week of February 2, 2003 by Nam Magazine. Awards are based on content, devotion and outreach to veterans & servicemen and women, graphics and outstanding design. The site has been a major contributor to bringing us together again. Check out the award on the awards page on our Web Site.

Jarvis Ellis writes to pass on an interesting story that goes like this. A guy from the 198th LIB whose unit he supported when he was with the 57th IPSD contacts Jarvis. He tracked Jarvis down by finding his dog's name (Ike 4M04) on the Web Site. Jarvis later goes to the 59th IPSD supporting the Americal Division. It turns out that the guy's company is having a reunion in DC on Veterans Day at the same time the Americal Division is having a reunion in Virginia. Jarvis makes both reunions and had a great time. This event and attending our Columbus reunion has done a great deal to help him deal with the issues of his Vietnam experience. That is a great story and our thanks for your sharing it with us Jarvis.

2004 Reunion

As mentioned in our last report we are planning for the next Reunion, which is scheduled for May 2004 in Beaumont TX. Rusty Allen is the Chairman for the event and has visited Beaumont and made tentative arrangements. We are planning a very nice get together for all platoon members of the 47th IPSD and 59th IPSD and their guests. This event will be less structured than Columbus was with more time to visit with friends and see some sights. The event will span three nights and four days. The emphasis will be on high quality accommodations at a very reasonable price. There will be free transportation from Jefferson County Airport to the Holiday Inn and trolley service to Old Town. Many eating choices are available nearby. The main planned function will be a pre-paid dinner banquet. Details:

Group Name: Scout Dog Reunion
Dates: May 6th May 9th 2004
Place: Holiday Inn Beaumont Midtown I-10
Reservations: 409-892-2222 or Toll Free 1-800-465-4329
Room Rate: $71.30 includes Room Tax & Free Continental Breakfast
Dinner Banquet: $25.20 per person paid in advance*
Airport Transportation: Free Shuttle
The dinner banquet will be a buffet dinner with three entrees, two salad choices, two vegetables, potatoes, rice or pasta, two desert choices, and beverages. I shall select a varied menu so everyone should be able to find something they like. Vegetarian plates are available upon request so let us know if you prefer that option. It will assist us a great deal if you would call in your reservations well in advance as we need to take at least 30 rooms to obtain a free hospitality sweet. If we do not sell 30 rooms we will hold a raffle to cover the difference, and we know who will win all the good prizes - don't we. Rusty lives not far from Beaumont and will be available to take care of things in person or scout out other opportunities.

*Your pre-paid costs should be sent to Bertram Hubble 143 S. San Jose Drive Glendora CA 91741. I am reachable at Tel 626-335-0420 or Tel 310-335-9499. Rusty may be reached at Tel 409-787-4225.

Answer: Staff Sergeant Joe R. Hooper was the most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions on February 21st, 1968 while serving near Hue with the U.S. Army, Company D, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry, and 101st Airborne Division. On that day Joe killed 24 enemy soldiers, one with a bayonet. He saved the lives of many of his own unit. Joe Hooper, who was part Native American, was awarded 37 medals which were more than those earned by World War II's Audie Murphy and World War I's Alvin York. His 37 medals included two Silver Stars (one of them had started out as another recommendation for a second Medal of Honor) six Bronze Stars, and eight Purple Hearts. In all Joe was credited with at least 115 enemy kills.

Bert's Commentary:

OK, I'm back: It is truly a remarkable time we live in. In just two years our leaders have isolated and alienated the US from its allies, destroyed the US economy, laid waste to environmental protections, dissolved civil liberties, attempted to stack the courts with conservative ideologues, divided Americans against each other, declared war on the world, cut taxes mostly for the rich, decreased benefits for veterans, projected huge deficits for decades to come, failed to help cities and states who are struggling financially, padded the pockets of certain large corporations with huge contracts to rebuild what we just destroyed, and set in motion legislation they call patriot two which will strip any American of their citizenship if they criticize the government. This, of course, without due process of law. What a system. Just remember that evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

Take care of yourselves,


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
2003 Bertram M. Hubble