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March 2000


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Distributed Quarterly: March - June - September - December
To Former Platoon Members of the 47th & 59th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)


Fellow Platoon Members:

War Dog Memorial Dedication February 21, 2000:

The Memorial unveiling at the March Field Air Museum on Monday, February 21, 2000 was an overwhelming and emotional experience for those in attendance, and a wonderful tribute to all K-9 handlers and our very special canine friends and partners who have served their country so faithfully in time of war. The ceremony itself was highlighted by Posting of the Colors, Singing of the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, a Fly-Over by four vintage planes piloted by Vietnam Veterans. The Memorial Acceptance featured guest speakers Jeffrey Bennett from the War Dog Memorial Fund, Tom Mitchell from the VDHA, Justice of the California Supreme Court and Vietnam Veteran Ming W. Chin, VDHA Chaplain Steve Janke, and World-renown sculptor Tom Schombur. The David Glen Eisley Band played their special musical tribute to the handlers and the dogs: "Rememberin". The entire event was made even more special by the vary large number of Law Enforcement Canine Teams and Military Canine Teams who showed up and participated in the program. After the unveiling and prior to the general viewing, the Veteran Handlers were allowed to approach the monument first by walking down a long aisle flanked on both sides by working police and military dog teams. As we came up to the memorial, through the tears and emotions we each placed a red rose on the memorial and reached out to touch the statue of the dog.

As to the Memorial Sculpture itself, Tom Schomburg has created a true work of art, one that conveys deep honor and respect to the tremendous sacrifice that was paid by our dear canine friends and partners. At long last our partners at the other end of the leash will be remembered for their sacrifices - Gone But Not Forgotten.

Unquestionably a great debt of thanks and appreciation go out to all those mentioned above and many others who have caused this Memorial to be realized but one person in particular deserves a special note of thanks. The War Dog Video and the War Dog Memorial would not have happened if it were not for the extraordinary efforts, financial and otherwise, of Jeffrey Bennett. He is truly, the best friend a dog ever had. Mr. Bennett, thank you very much.

We have been given a unique opportunity to purchase a 6" Name Tile which will be inscribed as you direct and used to cover the pad area around the base of the Memorial. This is a terrific way to remember your dog, buddies, fallen comrades etc. The cost is $35.00 for one line of 20 characters or $50.00 for two lines. Application is enclosed for your convenience.

From our group, we had a significant showing at the Memorial Dedication which included, Bertram Hubble, Daryl Hubble, Herman (Rusty) Allen, Don Jestes, Jim Adams, Steve Lemish, and Robert Wilson.

Searching For Military Records:

Because so much of our success depends on locating former platoon members we spend much time in pursuit of this detail and then trying to encourage new contacts to become VDHA Members. In this regard, I encourage every platoon member to write to the National Personnel Records Center and request their own personal Military Records. By doing this, you will receive copies of your General and Special Orders. These orders will contain the names and Social Security Number of many of your fellow platoon members who served during your time of service. To obtain the forms to apply for your records call Tel: 314-801-0800 for the Army Records and respond to the Recorded Message. The records are free of charge but you must complete their paperwork (Form NA 13075 and Standard Form 180) and mail to National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (Army), 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis. Missouri 63132-5100. Please perform your personal search and let us know what you find out (Forms provided for your convenience).

VDHA Membership:

Our Congratulations and welcome go out to the new VDHA members this past quarter from the two platoon(s): Robert Rhea, Donnie Jones and Peter Burghart from the 47th and Leon Childers,William Eberle, William Ellis III and Jose Rodriguez from the 59th.

Unit(s) Count To Date: 47th IPSD 59th IPSD
Platoon Members Identified: 188* 152
Platoon VDHA Members: 61 30
Supporting VDHA Members: 2 2
* Includes 19 W.W.II Members

Recent Contributors:

During the last quarter we have heard from John Pinezaddelby, LeRoy Jackson and Cornell Horn who provided information or material for our Web Site.

Our Web Site:

Jonathan has done it again. Our site has won two more awards as follows:

  • 1999-2000 Golden Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.
  • VNIS "Top Vet Site" Award presented to sites which provide current and up-to-date news and information to the Military Veteran Community.

Congratulations Jonathan and thank you for creating such an informative site, one that continues to grow and evolve. This brings me to another issue that has been on my mind for a while now. In short, I would like to locate someone among the 59th IPSD folks who would be interested in being the Web Master for the 59th IPSD. While Jonathan has been very willing to allow us to share space on the 47th Site, this arrangement does not allow us to expand to include the amount of material and information that we could actually include and display. I foresee a standalone 59th Web Site that will do justice and honor to the proud history of the 59th Scout Dog Platoon. I view this as a Web Master Function only. I will continue to gather information, facts, pictures and details and forward them to the 59th Web Master so they can concentrate on getting them up on the site. Jonathan would transfer the pages we already have over to the new 59th Site so we would have a very good start. If you have some capability in this area and would be interested in this position, Jonathan and I would like to hear from you.

Personal Note:

In December fellow handler, Franz Schilling, lost his son in a hit-and-run to a driver who was driving under the influence of alcohol. Just months earlier he had lost his Grandson in another mishap. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Franz and his family during these difficult times.

The Washington DC Reunion:

This major event will be held at the Holiday Inn Ballston, VA from Friday October 13th through Sunday October 15th, 2000. Call Joan Elder Tel: 800-878-6991 to reserve a room. With less than a year to go I would not delay. Refer to your DogMan for additional details.

Take care of yourselves,


Author: Bertram M. Hubble
Editor/Publisher: Jonathan D. Wahl
2000 Bertram M. Hubble