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The weekend featured many informal get-togethers in the 47th IPSD Hospitality Suite, platoon hats from Joe McMahon (see below), a lively dinner at TGI Friday's, buffet breakfasts that started with a single table and expanded to many as others joined in, outings to the Dog Museum and the St. Louis Arch Park, and a "formal" Saturday night dinner highlighted by speeches, handouts, and a "business" meeting.

Everyone got a chance to renew friendships, talk about their experiences, enjoy some laughs, and share the spirit of genuine affection and brotherhood.

The smiles were wide and frequent in St. Louis last month as 18 members of the 47th, their wives and guests got together -- many for the first time in 28 years. Even though time had brought some minor changes in appearances (and some slightly more than minor) it didn't seem to alter the personalities and spirits within.

There were lots of reminders of Army days past -- photos, orders, certificates, medals and even a 1968 Scout Dog training film.

Standing (left to right) Stan Stockdale, Gene Wright, Fred Severni, Joe McMahon, Ernie Jonson, John Carter, Bill Sawyer, Bert Hubble. Seated (top) Rusty Allen, Gary Mengel, Rich Leonard, Daryl Hubble, Jonathan Wahl, Jonathan Harraden. Seated (bottom) Sam Bowers, Tom Corsello, Larry Proper, Jimmy Powrzanas.

NEXT REUNION: San Diego, California, November 1998

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The next 47th IPSD reunion will take place during the Vietnam Dog Handler Association biannual meeting in San Diego, California in November of 1998 (expected to be around Veteran's Day). Bert Hubble will coordinate. It's not too early to set the date aside and start making plans to be there to join in the proceedings and festivities. Keep your eye on the VDHA's bimonthly publication DogMan and this newsletter for details.

Reminiscing in the Hospitality Suite (left to right) Tommy Corsello and Daryl Hubble check out some images from the past while Fred Severni and Ernie Jonson reflect on what it was like "back then" in the days of Scout Dogs and camouflage.

Joe McMahon brought special 47th IPSD hats for everyone. In this shot Joe shows off the 101st Airborne patch topped by the platoon logo. Thanks, Joe!!

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