The first official 47th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog) reunion will be held in St. Louis June 20 - 22. All those who served with the 47th, from the original platoon and those who joined later, are welcome to come with their families and take part in the activities.

The reunion will be held at the Radisson Hotel St. Louis Airport, 11228 Eagle Drive, Bridgeton, MO. 63044. For reservations call 1-800-333-3333. Be sure to ask for the special group rate under "Scout".

The tentative agenda calls for a Friday check-in and get together in the 47th IPSD Complementary Suite, followed by a 6 PM fun dinner at TGI Friday's at the hotel. Saturday features a morning visit to the St. Louis-based Dog Museum, informal lunch, a visit to the St. Louis riverfront area and Arch, topped off with a banquet dinner at the hotel. Former Platoon Commander Stan Stockdale and VDHA National Membership Chairman Randy Kimler are expected to speak.

Many thanks to Bert Hubble for coordinating this event!

The 47th IPSD was recently featured in the VDHA's January - February 1997 issue of its publication, DogMan. Thanks to Rusty Allen who gathered photos from members and sent

The Eagle Has Landed - the 47th deployed to Vietnam in May of 1968

them to the VDHA. Rusty provided captions for the pictures plus a brief unit history. The result was a full page spread in the 8-page issue. Way to go Rusty!

Ft. Benning, Georgia, May 1968. Lt. Stockdale supervises the loading of one of two C-141 Starlifters which will take off shortly for Tan Son Nhut Air Base in Vietnam. Also pictured (backs to camera) are Marvin Pearce (left) and Michael Hames (hands on hips).

About the VDHA

The Vietnam Dog Handler Association is a non-profit organization open to all Vietnam Veteran Dog Handlers. Annual dues are $20.00. Contact Randy Kimler, 4630 Groves St., Graves, TX 77619, (409) 963-0274.

47th IPSD News written and edited by Jonathan Wahl. Jonathan can be reached via e-mail at 47ipsd@47ipsd.us

Jonathan Harraden, Roberto L. Miller, and John Carter take a break outside the command tent at LZ Sally in front of the unit sign.

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