A Brotherhood of All Combat Veteran Dog Handlers
VOLUME 9 x NUMBER 3 x June 2002
Pedestals dedicated in
honor of `War Dogs Day'
at Ft. Benning Memorial
"Thanks to the efforts of SFC Jesse
Mendez and private donations from
VDHA Life Member
veterans and others, we mark today as a
Five new War Dog Memorial Pedestals
time when we say to all those who have
were dedicated May 11 at the War Dog
served, human and K-9, `You were there
Memorial statue at Fort Benning, Ga.
for us, we appreciate your sacrifices, and
The black granite pedestals with
we will never forget you.' "
inscribed bronze plaques were the first in
After the posting of colors by the U.S.
a series of pedestals designed to honor
Army Color Guard, playing of our
those men and dogs who served in combat.
National Anthem, and invocation by Chief
When completed, the pedestals will
of Chaplains Col. Richard Hartsell, SFC
completely encircle the War Dog
Jesse Mendez (ret) presented the pedestals
and briefly described their purpose.
Pedestals included World War II Scout
The original commander of the 47th
Dogs, U.S. Army Korea Scout Dogs,
Scout Dog Platoon, Stanley C. Stockdale,
Vietnam Scout Dogs, Combat Tracker
then delivered the keynote address.
This T-shirt design was for dedication of War Dog Memorial pedestals
Teams, and a special pedestal for scout
Stockdale said: "Uniquely, scout dogs
Shirt sales will benefit
dog handler Robert W. Hartsock, the only
were one of the few infantry activities
war dog handler to receive the Medal of
designed to save lives and they did. It is
Honor during the Vietnam War.
conservatively estimated that these
War Dog Memorial
Jonathan Wahl of the 47th Scout Dog
handlers and their dogs saved more than
Platoon served as master of ceremonies
10,000 lives in Vietnam. Given that
while an estimated audience of 200 looked
50,000 lives were lost when it was said
on under a bright Georgia sun.
German Shepherd Club of Atlanta
and done, these teams had an amazing
In his welcoming remarks, Wahl said:
impact and we are here today to honor
T-shirts created for the recent dedication of pedestals at the War Dog Memorial
at Ft. Benning, Ga., can be purchased by VDHA members and supporters.
He went on to recount experiences and
The shirts were produced by the German Shepherd Club of Atlanta, Ga., and
sacrifices made by men of the 47th, noting
are six color silk screens printed on putty colored Delta t-shirts. They show two
that "similar experiences exist for each of
German shepherd dogs and have information about the dedication.
Schedule for 2 half-sized replicas
the dog units that have served and their
Sizes available are in M to 2XL. We are selling the shirts for $20 each and
various teams -- whether scout, tracker
July 1-7 ............ Long Beach, Calif.
adding $2 per shirt for postage. Checks would be made payable to me: Dixie
or sentry." .
July 1-7 ............... Indianapolis, Ind.
He added, "Many people have
July 11-17 ...... Easthampton, Mass.
The $22 covers the cost of the shirt and the postage. Orders should include the
expressed concern as they have learned
July 18-24 ............ Lancaster, Calif.
size of the shirt(s) being ordered and the name and address of the purchaser should
of the fate of these dogs as the Army
be clearly written. Add a phone number or e mail address, if possible.
July 20-26 Sherman Station, Maine
eventually scrambled to leave Vietnam.
Checks may be sent to: Dixie Whitman, 675 Jack Page Lane, Canton, GA 30114
Some were given to the South Vietnamese
July 27-Aug. 2 ............. Lodi, Calif.
army, many were euthanized, and a very
E mail with questions to
July 29-Aug. 4 Whitinsville, Mass.
few came home. I don't want you to feel
Aug. 8-14 ................. Toronto, Ohio
All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be given to Jesse Mendez to go
sorry for these dogs. They had the
Aug. 13-17 ..... Pigeon Forge, Tenn.
towards the pedestal fund at Fort Benning. In fact, when we left after the dedication,
Aug. 19-25 ............... Rosebud, S.D.
we were able to hand Jesse Mendez $830 in proceeds already.
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Aug. 20-26 .................. Eldon, Iowa
Dog Museum in St. Louis invites VDHA
Aug. 28-Sept. 3 ........ Baraga, Mich.
Aug. 30-Sept. 5 . Grand Forks, N.D.
Check Your Address Label
Barbara Jedda of the St. Louis Dog
approximately 25 minutes from the
Sept. 9-15 ............ Jamestown, N.D.
Museum has invited all handlers and
Reunion hotel. Directions: Take Hwy 64/
Sept. 9-15 ................ Salisbury, Md.
family members to visit the Dog Museum.
40 West to the Mason Rd. exit. Turn left,
Sept. 18-24 ................ Beaver, Penn.
Has Your
and follow the winding road to the
Many of you may recall Barbara was
Sept. 19-25 ............... Fairbury, Neb.
Entrance of Queeny Park. Signs will take
the principal party in setting up a War Dog
Sept. 28-Oct. 4 Oconomowoc, Wis.
you there.
exhibit at the museum a few years ago and
Sept. 29-Oct. 5 ..... Cheyenne, Wyo.
many of you donated pictures,
Hours of operation are: Tuesdays
information and items for display.
through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m.
The St. Louis Dog Museum is located