59th IPSD Scout Dog Roster

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Americal Division

Unit History of the 59th Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog)

Alf 0H83 59th Culler  
Andor 0K18 59th Strauch  
Andy 032M 59th White, A. Worsham WIA 7/20/69
Apache 8M75 59th Kieda  
Baron 7M08 59th Davison, Terrell  
Baron 3M73 59th Schemmenti  
Bear M973 59th Algarin  
Bix   59th Funderburk  
Bo 01A3 59th Thorburn  
Bruno 80A5 59th Whitecotton Paw Injury led to Death
Brutus   59th Snow  
Brutus 9M09 59th Jackson  
Brutus 2M96 59th Rick  
Brutus 9M80 59th Russell  
Buddy 6M61 59th J. Carr  
Casey 742A 59th Long Off Leash
Champ 463A 59th Fehr  
Count 8M44 59th Bottorff Off Leash
Dino 83A6 59th    
Dix 59th Spencer  
Duke 67A0 59th Alverson Off Leash
Duke M006 59th Carstens DD 1/69 Int Bleed
Duke 84A2 59th S. Flikke, R. Wilson  
Duke 27M5 59th Henderson  
Duke X066 59th W. Whitehouse  
Fritz   59th Goff  
Fritz 3M21 59th Carr, Gallagher, Zimmerman  
Fritz   59th J. Worsham  
Heidi X017 59th Beauregard  
Jack 943A 59th, 58th   E, 70, 3
Joe X723 59th C. Russell  
Kaiser 977A 59th E. Bryant Off Leash
King 7A65 59th Yochum KIA 2/13/70
King 27A7 59th Aman Off Leash Dog
King 58A3 59th Siler  
LilDuke X066 59th Whitehouse  
Lux   59th Adler  
Major 375M 59th   WIA 7/19/69
Max X708 59th Krajacic  
Powder 67A1 59th Stewart  
Prince 288A 59th Theurer Off Leash
Rebel 79A1 59th Beals  
Rebel 9A37 59th Gray, Harrison  
Rebel 261A 59th Dean  
Rebel 94A3 59th    
Rin   59th S. Weeks  
Rin Tin Tin 5M34 59th Scrborough  
Robbi 6X97 59th Stryeski, Brown  
Satan 0X24 59th D. Harrison  
Sgt Bilco 8X00 59th Banaszynski  
Shone 368A 59th    
Silver X101 59th Erickson KIA 1/69
Skipper X935 59th Will  
Smokey X579 59th Horne, G. Pelkey, K. Whitecotton  
Smokey 735M 59th    
Spike M085 59th Harrison  
Taro 287M 59th Bryant, Carew, Harvick, Hunter, Snyder  
Ted X046 59th Finkbeiner  
Teddy 552A 59th Swyer  
Toby X363 59th   DD 7/22/69
Toby X365 59th Mobley  
Yank 8M14 59th T. Clay  

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