"War Dogs" - a 1942 film (63 minutes, 52 seconds)

A young boy donates his pet, a police dog, to the army to be trained as a war dog.

Amazon.com Editorial Review:
"A dramatic World War II feature that overflows with propaganda, War Dogs is an American story about a boy and his dog in wartime. Though the movie was intended to encourage dog donations to the Dogs for Defense, it became a commercial success with winning performances from both the actors and their furry companions. Little Billy Freeman has a tough life of poverty, brought on by his veteran father's alcohol abuse. Billy's dog Pal is conscripted to join the Dogs for Defense by a clever judge to pay for his thieving. Though initially hard on Billy and Pal, but heartwarmingly the dog proves to be a quick learner and an excellent Army Dog. The Dog is put to duty guarding a factory that is sabotaged by the Germans, and it's up to Pal and Billy to save the factory - and Billy's father who works there. This inspirational film is entertaining from start to finish."

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This public domain movie may be viewed at the Internet Archive. You may also view the movie by clicking on the poster (above).

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