47th IPSD Flashback Photo

47th IPSD WWII Graduation

47th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon WWII Graduation
Fort Robinson, Nebraska - August 18, 1945

Back Row (left to right)
1st Lt. Martin W. Gary
Sgt. Guy H. Hartley and "Wolf"
T/5 Dale A. Anderson and "Dusty"
T/5 Raymond Hoepner and "Lady"
T/5 Sylvester J. Breitbach and "Johnny"
T/5 Bruce P. Falk and "Brownie"
T/Sgt. Everette H. McNall
Middle Row
Sgt. Veldon C. Allgood and "Laddie"
T/5 Alethan E. Chaffin and "Tags"
T/5 Roy L. Surratt and "Boy"
T/5 George G. Peters and "Buddy"
T/5 William J. Ashton and "Cookie"
T/5 John C. Rodgers and "Alex"
Front Row
Sgt. Elmer E. Fisk and "Duke"
T/5 William L. Krabbe and "Pal"
T/5 Cecil L. Steward and "Pal"
T/5 Rene M. Peterman and "King"
T/5 Cecil H. Simmons and "Pal"
T/5 Lowell R. Rosnau and "Rickey"
Note - the building in the background was the single officers' quarters. It was called "Commanche Hall", named after the horse "Commanche", the lone survivor of Custer's Last Stand. The building is viewed from the side.

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