Dogs of the 47th
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. "
- source unknown
"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
- Will Rogers
47th IPSD Scout Dog Roster

47th Scout Dogs
"Therefore to this dog will I,
Tenderly not scornfully,
Render praise forever,
With my hand upon his head,
Is my benediction said
Therefore and forever."
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

47th IPSD Scout Dog Roster

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Alex 0K64 47th, 43rd J. McMahon KIA 9/16/69 BNR
Bar 189A 46th, 47th, CONUS, Turkey D. G. Foster (46th), D.M. Herman RVN S2, PD 6/14/74
Baron 81A3 47th M. J. Perrie KIA 9/23/70, SAF BNR
Bismark M433 58th, 47th Lockett, Cassidy, Morales, Shartiger WIA BT Hearing Loss, PD 5/71
Bizz 16M6 47th W. Cunningham, L. Jackson KIA 3/21/69, SAF
Blackie 38A3 47th T. Newell MIA 9/09/70, BNR
Blitz   47th S. Kelly  
Boo 7M10 47th M. Yalango, D. Thomas ARVN
Brawn 269M 47th
Brown Dog 63X3 47th E. A. Jonson Jr. PD
Buck 61X2 47th B. Ayers
Buck 61X2 47th W. Hermann KIA 11/24/68, SAF & RPG, BNR
Bud 64A7 47th G. Fontanilla, J. Pinezaddelby, D. Loew ARVN
Bullet   47th T. Muir D Heat Stroke
Bullet 6M29 47th R. Kohout, F. Steinhebel PD Red Tongue
Butch 93X3 47th, 45th B. Hubble D. 5/7/69 Ruptured Intestine
Casey 13M7 47th, 40th, 50th, 58th WIA 3/14/71, PD 9/17/71
Charger 416A 47th T. Gibbs KIA 6/9/70
Chris 357M 47th
Cider 05M6 47th J. Cox D. 8/69 Blood Disease
Cindy 32M5 47th L.W. Baker
Colonel 5M17 47th, 45th W. Jones
Doc   47th Hopkins  
Dolf 0H42 58th, 47th, 59th Harvey, Decker PD 5/69
Doug S242 47th P. Burghart RVN-S1 LAB
Dug 112M 41st, 47th D. Wade (41st), P. Lubbers (41st), W. H. Sawyer, T. Gibbs, L. Paventy KIA 6/1/71 Shrapnel BNR
Duke VO79 47th P. Kraay
Duke 96M0 47th S. Lemish
Duke 47th R. T. Murray, R. Combs
Duke 217M 47th C. Fisher
Dutch 21A8 47th D. Baker, J. Collins
Ebony 030M 47th Hong, Bullock, White ARVN 1972
Fant K027 47th J. Pinezaddleby KIA 10/28/70 SAF BNR
Fant K025 47th D. 12/5/68 IHD
Fat Albert 7K10 47th J. Kuezek
Fellow 0K88 47th L. E. Proper D 10/69 Heat stroke
Flexible None 47th Platoon Mascot, J. Wahl Given to 101 2BD HQ
Fritz 4M69 47th J. Adams KIA 10/15/69 BT BNR
Fritz 3M75 47th C. Epps RVN-S2 8/13/71
Fritzie 0X05 47th B.E. Carroll D. Blood Disorder
Ginger   47th    
Gretchen 7K19 47th P. Burghart RVN-S2 8/13/71
Hansel 47th W. Kashkarov
Heidi 47th Ashcraft
Jack 6S11 47th RVN-S2 8/13/71
Jeff 3M61 47th, 58th, 42nd T. Corsello, Lentz ARVN
Johnny 9X72 47th
Joker 02M1 44th, 47th ARVN
King 36A6 47th D. L. Rainey  
King 72M4 47th C. F. Stevens KIA 6/28/71 BNR
King 734M 47th D. Jestes sent to Bien Hoa
Kurt 19A8 47th
Lance 8M79 47th S. Bowers, G. Brackett, Darrold Smith
Lion 12M8 47th J. Daniels
Little Joe 223M 47th W. Huskie, C.W. Franks KIA 2/22/70 SAF BNR
LoBo X958 47th S. Ashcraft, A. Mathews, J. Cox "cool dog, had attitude"
Lux 47th Z. Mestrits
Major (aka Dawg) 3M47 47th, 45th, 43th, 58th J. Harraden, E. Jonson PD May 1970
Major M092 47th R. Hermann PD 6/19/69 Heartworms
Mike X668 47th G. Mengel ARVN
Moe X363 47th J. Beal
Murphy 6M77 47th G. Goelzhauser WIA 1/08/70,RVN S3,PD 1975 age 9
Nicki X370 47th C. Haverfield ARVN
Nikki 9A41 47th KIA 10/24/69
Pal M596 47th J. Powrzanas D. Poisoned water
Polo 808M 41st, 47th, 58th Villano KIA 9/01/70
Prince 14M1 47th M. Pearce, T. Muir, D. Wagner, B. Wilson RVN-S2 8/13/71, PD 1976
Prince 47th  
Prince 47th P. M. Miller
Prince 986A 47th E. L. Reeves RVN-S2 8/13/71
Prince 47th Serverni
Prince 47th Hubbard, Jones
Prince 74X1 47th D. Tupper KIA 1/30/71 CDBT BNR
Princess 1M20 47th E. Hicks, G .G. Detrick WIA from BT, lost a leg, PD 4/13/69
Pup 3M45 47th E. C. Wright D. Accidental Strangulation
Rebel X202 47th, 58th Bagatta, Powrzanas, Jestes, Decker, Haies KIA 7/19/69 SAR
Rebel 43X4 47th M. Wyatt
Rebel 47th J. Cox
Rex 9A20 47th A. Dentis, R.L. Surratt WIA 3/30/70 Ear Damage, ARVN
Rider 7K21 47th A. Darmstadt
Roger 3M84 47th C. Casimano
Rolf K086 47th, 42nd O. Johnson KIA 6/17/70 SAF, BNR
Rowdy 9A71 47th A. Mathews WIA 3/22/69, D. 6/4/69 IHS
Rusty 8X54 47th 7/69 Evac 936th IHS
Sally-J None 47th Platoon Mascot Given to 101 2BD HQ
Sarge X052 47th K. Hudson, R. McCrary, M. Yalango D. 5/70 Heat Stroke
Sargeant 5A05 47th K. Nywening died 12/28/70
Shadow 7M68 47th
Shep 69A3 47th R. G. Owens, C. Rohde, P. E. Roush WIA from SAF, PD 1/29/71
Shep 9A64 47th RVN-S2 8/13/71, returned to US, Lackland AFB, handled as patrol dog by Dale Hagan, USAF
Sig K036 47th, 48th H. Allen, B. Hrouda, F. J. Schilling, T. Thorpe unknown, last '71
Silver 7M97 47th
Smokey 750M 47th David Martin II,B.E. Carroll, Lane Jacobson KIA 3/26/70 FF
Socks X889 47th J. G. Taylor MIA 6/1/69
Spencer X100 47th H. Dennis xferr'd to 34th IPSD, D.W. Darrow, handler, ARVN
Susie T035 47th
Teddy 34X5 47th A. Arellano
Thunder X229 47th D. E. Scherer, D. Tupper, R. Cooper
Toby X365 47th R. Leonard
Tramp 040M 47th Severni PD
Trooper 3M28 47th, 45th, 47th, 42nd, 34th D. Hubble, R. Rhea, R. Wade PD 9/72 while in 34th IPSD, age 6
Willie 6M11 47th J. E. Youtz KIA 7/27/68 BT BNR
Wolf X548 47th M. Hames, G. Bowers, G. McCoy RVN-S2 8/13/71
Zeus 296A 47th R. L. Pepper RVN-S1
Alex 47th Rodgers UNKNOWN
Boy 47th Surratt UNKNOWN
Brownie 47th Falk UNKNOWN
Buddy 47th Peters UNKNOWN
Coolie 47th Ashton UNKNOWN
Duke H-14 47th Fisk UNKNOWN
Dusty 47th Anderson UNKNOWN
Johnny 47th Breitbach UNKNOWN
King 47th Peterman UNKNOWN
Laddie 47th Allgood UNKNOWN
Lady 47th Hoeppner UNKNOWN
Pal 47th Krabbe UNKNOWN
Pal 47th Simmons UNKNOWN
Pal 47th Steward UNKNOWN
Rickey H-100 47th Rosnau UNKNOWN
Tags 47th Chaffin UNKNOWN
Wolf 47th Hartley UNKNOWN

Disposition Legend
Code Explanation
S1,2,3, or 4
Dog given over to the Army of the Republic of South Vietnam
Body not recovered
Booby trap
Command-detonated booby trap
Friendly fire
Killed in action
Missing in action
Put down or euthanized
Rocket-propelled grenade
Dog recycled from Vietnam to CONUS (Continental United States)
Flight number dog shipped from Vietnam to CONUS (1971-72)
Small arms fire
Wounded in action

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